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The Xiaomi Mi 8 Android smartphone was produced by Xiaomi, Inc. and launched in June 2018.

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The game crashes on Android

Minecraft PE does not start on my Android device Xiaomi Mi 8 , crashes after launch!

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2 Respuestas

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Try reinstalling Minecraft PE

Direct link on Google Play is here.

Side Load APK is here.

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Well, i guess that is the best solution for any game on a mobile phone, in case it doesn't work, just go on and reinstall it. However, there must be a real issue why the game crashes. I got the same issue with a lot of games, i thouht it is a problem that is only face by the iphones. However it is not like that. i remember, i been also playing minecraft on my iphone x, and as soon as i was entering my server, the game was crashing everysingle time. As soon as i got a proper server hosting in the issue was solved. So, in case you playing online, the issue might also be with the servers.

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