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The second-generation Dakota began development in 1991 and frozen for production in January 1994.

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fuel gauge not working

fuel gauge is not working?

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New fuel pump and sending gas guage function.

Once it read full on an empty tank before I started the engine. After turning key on it went to empty. Gas light is always on with full tank.

Is it possible the wires were put back together backwards?

Same note...occaionally I have to pound on dash pad to get rpm and speedo to work...sometimes NO guages work til I smack the top of dash.

Help please...thanx

- Por dash to stop turning off...power harness was not connected securely...however...still have gas light on full tank and no guage function. Thinking the float is sticking against wall of tank as it is a new fuel pump and I didn't install it.

Previoust owner's grandfather did all the work on it. Well...drop the tank and see what 's what....

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This is a pretty common and annoying problem with the Dakotas'. Most likely it is the sending unit. You will have to drop the fuel tank and replace the fuel pump/filter assembly The sender, filter, and pump are all one assembly, so you'll need to buy a whole new pump assembly to change the sender. Of course you can, and should, also check your gauge to make sure that it is working okay. Use a meter to check your sending unit and see if you have any output. If that checks out, its your gauge. Here is a pretty good write up about how to do it....Hope this helps, good Luck.

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Sad but true and not cheap. +

- Por

Good to know! I looked up the price of the unit (pump/filter assembly)$80-$250, depending on where you want to buy it, etc. I also look up EVERYTHING on Youtube, and it is an easy fix for the Do-It-Yourselfer!

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mí Dakota 98 consume demasiado combustible

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no e tenido respuesta

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What yoh post to set the fuel pump too

- Por

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Ssssoooooo…it IS a brand new out of the box unit…what are your thoughts on this delimna?

Is it possible the idiot that installed it had placed the unit in wrong direction and the float it wedged against the wall of tank?

Drinking me insane with full tank and no guage function.

The guage works…it occasionally goes to full when ignition is off. ?????

#\€_:#! ”&\*&&€;:##_&;:” #\_.# anyway!!!

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