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The Motorola G5s Plus can be identified by its model number: XT1804 (varies based on country). It is an updated version of the 5th generation of Motorola’s Moto G series. Some distinguishing features of this device are its metal unibody design, improved front and rear cameras, and bigger battery.

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Salvaging Dead Phone parts


My Moto G5s Plus is completly dead and repairing it doesnt seem like a valid option anymore.

Can i extract its storage unit for use like a standalone USB drive and Camera for a different Project. Is it even possible??

Please let me know.


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the storage unit is a chip on what is know as the logic board, mother board etc. extraction for use other wise is usually not an option, also the cameras are also connected to the same board and are used through the board.

You have some other project you say - maybe you have software that will assist with making these work? otherwise it does not seem practical.

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