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Repair guides and service information for Lifecare PLV100 ventilators by Philips / Respironics.

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In control mode, the patient is still able to initiate a breath.

With the knob selected to control mode, the patient can still initiate a breath just like in control / assist control mode. I can’t find any possible root causes

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One possibility is that sometime when switching from assist control to control, the switch snapped and now it’s stuck on assist control.

Your lab tech would be able to confirm/deny this and probably fix it.

Since you are a hospital however (I am assuming), protocol suggests that you call your Philips Respironics provider for a solution.

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I think this is a patient related thing and a setting mismatch. a patient initiating trigger is a sign that you should continue in assist mode or shift the patient to spontaneous mode. or you could sedate the patient so that they do not initiate any triggers. i suggest the former.

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