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Modelo A1320 / 8 o 16 GB de capacidad

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Screen Locked

PLz man tell me key of screen lock in ipod model:A1320

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tonkas, there is no default "key" it works better if you ask your own question. Click on the link on the right side of this screen Ask a Question" and give as much detail as possible. Have you tried any of the above steps to unlock it?

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Sorry mate, the code is personal. There’s no universal unlock code (except for erasing it)

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Kaki otkljucati ipod A1320 Lea's

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This is my answer for most of these disabled iPods. You can always try and hope you have a windows computer :-) anyhow you plug in your iPod. Open My Computer (or Computer for Vista). Click on Folder options and enable to view hidden files. Next go to iPod_control and click on the folder named Device. If your iPod is locked, there will be a file _locked . Rename the file to _unlocked. Remove your iPod and it will be cleared, again not sure if it works for a disabled one. Sorry if you use a Mac....can't help you with the steps on there :-) the other thing you can do, if you have the computer that you always use for this ipod, is to simply restore it

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If you have a Mac go into finder, select your iPod (choose the drive with your iPod’s name not the iPod icon) then press CMD+SHIFT+period to show hidden files, your iPod_control folder will be there

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did not expect that to work but wow... it did

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