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Repair information for the Crusher Wireless headphones. Model number: S6CRW-K591. First available on Amazon in August of 2016.

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Folding Hinge on Left Side Broken Around Screw Thread

The hinge on the left side of these headphones is broken where the screw threads in and holds the two parts of the hinge together. The photos show the bottom part of the hinge still attached to the headphones with the broken plastic around the screw thread. The separate piece is the top part of the hinge that fell off when the part broke but can be re-attached with screws if the bottom part isn’t broken.

I can only find parts that go around the outside of the headset band rather than this hinge which sits inside the band. Any tips on where I can get a replacement part would be greatly appreciated.

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I would recommend buying a used, defective pair of Skullcandy Crusher Headphones to use as a parts donor for your pair. Check Ebay, Facebook, Craigslist, etc…

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