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L Button Clicking, Not Registering Click

hey everyone,

First time forum poster. My L button on my joycon is clicking like normal but it does not register the click. I opened up the joycon to see if the spring was bent but it seems to be the circuit cable that the button is clicking. I figured this out by testing the actual button circuit with controller still on.

Is there a reputable place where I can get these OEM L Button cables?

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My personal recommendation would be eBay, as for specific things like that, I've never had an issue. I had just gotten some SL SR ribbon cables off there for my brother's Joy Cons and they work perfect. Here's an eBay link for the correct one.

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Yea I'm definitely thinking it's the L button ribbon cable, just ordered and hopefully fixes the issue!

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Update this post if it works, or if it doesn't and you need any help, I'll try to help you.

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