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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by LG. Model LG-H790. Released October 2015.

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Thermal Pads for Phones

Hi guys, so right now I’m doing a screen repair on a Nexus 5X and I’ve realized that there is a thermal pad on the phone’s screen assembly (see picture). I don’t think I can transfer this pad without breaking it so I was wondering which thermal pad should I buy.


Is it fine to use pads that are for PCs eg. GPUS?

Should I be buying 0.5mm thickness or 1mm thickness?

Are AliExpress/eBay thermal pads fine to use.


eg. ++





Block Image


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The thermal pad on the screen is the yellow square.

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If you have a lot of space use 1mm which would dissipate the most heat but if you only have a limited amount of space then go for 0.5mm and I think you should read the reviews before buying the thermal pads

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