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Patagonia Middle Fork Waders booties hole repair


I have the Patagonia Middle Fork waders and discovered a small tear/cut in my right bootie which lets water in. Other then this the waders work great. Do you have a recommended way to repair this damage?

Thank you,


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Hey Kevin,

I’m not sure if you have repaired your tear in your bootie or not. You can fix it on your own with Gear-Aid Seam Grip or you can send it in to us (longer leave time 4wks) and will replace the bootie with a new one.

DIY repair is easy and you can purchase the urethane adhesive on-line at Gear-Aid.

If you take the time to apply the cement in a clean manner you have a nice flat repair in no time.

I have even used it to repair a hole using a clear LDPE material as backing on the inside. The adhesive does not stick to LDPE so it’s great as a backer to cover the repair while it cures, you can add a flat weighted object on top of the repair to make flat. Just ensure you use the LDPE material (polybag) to cover the adhesive first before adding the weighted object.

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Hi Marty,

Thank you for this information.

No I have not repaired the waders yet. I am planning to do it today (Friday) using the repair kit that came with the waders. If that does not work, I will try your recommendation.

Best Regards,


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Hi Kevin,

How did it go? If you like, you can contact me at

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Marty will the gear aid repair kit linked work for a hole in the crease of the smooth rubber-like bootie of the packable MF wader? Thx!

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Hi Paul,

If you have the Aquaseal UV that came with your wader repair kit you can use that with the TPU clear patch. Please follow the instructions for application.

I know that tube is pretty small and you might need more product you could certainly use another similar product like Seam Grip+WP by Gear-Aid.

We have tested two of their products on those dip booties on our Packable Waders.

We tested Aquaseal UV and Seam Grip. Seam Grip was the most durable, Aquaseal UV was the fastest to cure (30secs). Seam Grip takes 8-12hrs to cure so if you are at home it's a great opportunity.

When fishing and you need a quick repair use Aquaseal UV. When you are at home and have more time I would use Seam Grip both are great products.

Here’s a link

I know every defect is different and might require a different approach. Send me an email and I can help you further if needed

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