USB, Bluetooth and Isight not working

Hi everyone. For a while I have this iMac and only one USB port works on it. For now, I bought a powered USB hub to continue using it, but I would like to try and fix this issue. So, all the other USB ports aren’t working, neither are the bluetooth and iSight camera.

From what I understand, these other parts are internally connected to USB, so I guess it's a widespread issue.

Anyway, the other day I decided to open it up to install an SSD and since I was going thru that trouble I decided to remove the MLB and try to find out if I could also repair the USB issue, by cleaning it or something.

I couldn’t figure anything out. I did clean it a bit with isopropyl alcohol, but nothing changed. The machine is working fine, and faster with the SSD. But I would like to sell it at some point, and not having all USB, bluetooth and iSight working is kinda of a bummer.

I did research a lot online but couldn’t find anything related to this hardware issue.

Please understand I tried all the other solution like resetting SMC, reinstalling OS, etc etc… These devices don’t even show up on Hardware info listing. I even tried installing Windows to see if it would show up there.

Any ideas?

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