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Thermomix TM 5 Error C 39

My Thermomix TM 5 is displaying an error c39 and only has the option to shutdown. This occurs when i attempt to start the chopping cycle. Once selecting the speed the arms lock the bowl and the panel displays error c39 and informs you that the unit will shutdown. The user only has the option to click OK on the touch panel and the unit proceeds to shutdown with the arms locked on to the bowl. Can anyone shed some light on this and how i could look into repairing this. Thanks in advance.

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2 Respuestas

try to reset

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Thank you Med_tech for the suggestion. I have tried the following since my post. Reset TM5 settings and wi-fi through menu. No change. Turned off left off for a few days then tried turning it on again with no change.

- de

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an error C39 refers a Power Board faulty. “No Voltage at Bulk Capacitor”.

Parts of PCB affected :

  • Startup resistor missing.
  • Startup relay short.
  • Power relay does not close.

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Thank you Jarod. How would I isolate which of the listed parts is contributing to the C39 error. Cheers.

- de

Hi Sankong,

To isolate the affected PCB's part, you need to disassembled your TM5 and control the Power Board :/

But, you must to know than all parts and the PCB are varnished.

I realize than you try to repair your TM5 despite elapsed time.

I've a lot of TM5's parts (to offer). And I've my sister's TM5 to repair. I try (these 2 next weeks) to fix it. So in same time I can found and prepare a PCB for you. ;)

Where you live ? I'm in France.

- de

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