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Disponible desde Mayo del 2020, El MacBook Pro 13" incorpora un procesador quad-core Intel de 8ª generación Core i5 e i7, y una gráfica integrada Intel Iris Plus 645. (Modelo A2289/EMC3456 con dos puertos Thunderbolt 3)

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Keyboard lighting different in one side

So a few months back I spilled some liquid in my MacBook, reacted quickly and managed to save it with no damage done to the computer, other than the keyboard light in the right hand side of the keyboard. It is noticeably less bright than on the left side where compared to where it was exposed to the liquid. How would I go about cleaning the light?

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What is your exact model 13" or 15" and the year? Go to the About this Mac can copy off the info from there.

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It is the 2020 MacBook Pro 13"

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The new 2020 models are so new we don’t have any guides for it.

Sadly, getting to the keyboard backlight plate requires a complete disassembly of the system! Which is not easy and the parts are likely riveted like the older models.

As you have liquid damage Apple won’t repair this under warranty, if you have signed up for AppleCare+ you might get a discount on the repair otherwise your option is to either live with with the it hoping it doesn’t get worse or you’ll need to get it fixed by Apple.

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