Fried PCB - Breville Barista Express BES870XL plugged into 220V socket

Hi All

I live in Singapore and ordered a Breville Barista Express refurbished from Amazon US. When I ordered the device I didn't see any explicit mentions on the product page that the device is rated at 110-120V. In my excitement on receiving the device earlier than expected, I plugged it into the 220V power outlet. It made a pfft sound and I immediately turned it off. Having been an engineering student a long time ago, I guessed it's the PCB so I opened it up to check. Attaching the image for all to see.

Block Image

Block Image

The burn mark on the back is clearly visible. For those looking at the front side image, the burn is towards the top left, slightly to the left of the blue object (capacitor?). There I don't see any components on the front corresponding to the burn on the back. The black and brown cables are the power source so the burn is pretty close to them.

Thoughts? Do you think this is repairable? Could any of the other components like motors etc been damaged? Or is it that the PCB saved everything else.



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