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A2115/2019/ Procesador desde 3.0 GHz de 6 núcleos core i5, hasta 3.6 GHz de 8 núcleos i9. Lanzado el 19 de marzo 2019.

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Microphone very muffled after sealing up iMac

I’m wondering if the microphone issue having to do with the placement of the adhesive strips is the same on the 27-inch model. It would be great to know before I reopen my iMac.

after Upgrading my iMac 2019 the microfon did not work

Update (06/15/2020)

I just wanted to follow up and confirm with a picture. Here’s the interior edge of the 2019 5k iMac.

Block Image

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Yes! the small slit the microphone sits behind can be blocked by the adhesive tape if you are not careful!

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Did the ssd upgrade in my imac 27 2019 and since the microphone is so fragile it broke

now looking for a replacement part

im a little desperate

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