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Modelo A1001 o A1025 / procesador 667, 800, 867 o 1.0 GHz G4

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Hinge compatibility for Titanium G4

Dear ifixit team,

You show many hinges for G4 repair, but for G4 Titanium.

So, should I consider my Titanium not repairable or can I use another set of hinges (i.e.: G4 Aluminium for 15") and go on my own ?

Best regards,


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Aluminum hinges will absolutely NOT work on a Titanium.

There are basically two types of Titaniums -- ones with a VGA port, and ones with a DVI port. There are all kinds of differences between them. If your hinge is broken and you want to replace it, I'd recommend buying a dead machine with a good screen assembly on eBay, because it's going to be far cheaper than anywhere else. Again, remember to get one that is similar to yours, i.e. VGA or DVI.

Also, you're going to want to replace the entire screen assembly, hinge and all. The metal strips around the screen itself are very difficult to remove without damaging them, so you will save yourself a lot of work and be doing yourself a favor by simply swapping the entire assembly.

Lastly, the Titanium is a very old machine which is not worth a lot of money, and most of them are pretty flaky at this point. A screen/hinge replacement is a very complex procedure which requires partial removal of the logic board. I would give a lot of thought to whether or not you really want to take this on, or if replacing the machine with something newer would be a better option.

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+ very sound advice from a consumate professional

- de

+ Nice advice and explanation of how and with what to replace the hinges with. I really liked how you pointed out, nicely, that it is really not in someone's best interest to make such a repair and the better way to go is putting their money into a newer machine. Sometimes the best repair of something is replacement.

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Thanks guys! There definitely does come a time when a machine isn't worth it, especially when the owner is not a repair hobbyist and just wants a working computer. I always try to draw a distinction between us crazy people who fix things for fun, and people who just want their computers to work and get on with life, because I think those two groups of people very often need different answers from one another.

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