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Android's 4.4 OS with a 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution.

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rear cover cable cut

Hi ….. my sister has Samsung Tab s 8.4 (SM-T705) …. and when she was trying to unpack the rear cover of the phone she cut some cable glued between the device and cover, I didn’t what this cable for.

the cable labeled by KL_LTE_MAIN_Rev.09 L

so I need to know the cable is it important or not …. what should I do if it’s important

Block Image


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I don't see a cable. It looks like it has contacts that “make contact “ when the case is closed. Probably to let it know that the back cover is closed. From what I see there is no cable and it should be

Update (06/02/2020)

There is no cable. It has contact points on each side that makes a connection when the case is closed. Nothing is missing. No cable is damaged. It's

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you can see in the last photo something labeled with KL_LTE_MAIN_Rev.09 L, I don't if it is cable or not, but what I know it cut off

I think it's something related to the LTE antenna?

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