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The product is an HS-10DTB2-8GB Android Tablet with a maximum height of 10.1", made for the convenience of using phone applications on a bigger screen display than a smartphone.

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Is there a way for me to unlock my tablet without the password?

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Is there a way to unlock my tablet without the password or maybe just reset it because i don’t know the password. Please answer . Thank you !

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  1. Press and hold both low volume button and power button.
  2. Release as soon as you see the splash screen with the name of the device.
  3. You will see the bootloader menu. Select RESET, then Factory Reset. This will wipe all the information on the tablet, so it is to be used ONLY you truly can’t remember the password to the tablet. In this case, I’m assuming that it’s a four digit PIN.
  4. It will take between 10 mind to 20 mins max, to reset. Once it does, it will be like brand new.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT: Sometimes, Google saves the information of the account in the device, kinda like Bitlocker. So, you will need to know the login information to that account. Example:, then the password. If for some reason you cannot remember that information as well, then you may not be able to unlock it without sideloading the ROM with another one.

Hope that helps.

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thank u so much

- de

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