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Repair, support, and service information for thermal cyclers. Also referred as a PCR machine or DNA amplifier.

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Support of Bio-Rad S1000 PCR

The S/n under 10,000 is no longer supported can you guys work on these?

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Hi Chad,

I had at least couple of these with 1 (that is ONE) faulty capacitor in power supply that manufacturer solution was not to repair but to supply whole board. If your PCR machine doesn’t power on or shuts off occasionally, could be that capacitor C19 100uF has to be replaced. Hopefully you can find someone to do that for you. Make sure that backup battery on the board is NEVER REMOVED!!! because you will loose firmware data and machine will become unusable. If you have problem with the block then i’m afraid there wont be much you can do.

All the best


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