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Battery is Not recognized - Shows (X) out in Menu Bar

I have a White 13" Macbook. The battery is no longer working. It shows as X'ed out in the menu bar. When i plug in the Power cord it goes Green immediately. It does not charge the battery at all. The laptop runs fine off the Powercord but dies if i unplug it. I tested the power cord and battery on a similar macbook. So it seems that it would be the computer. I did try and replace the keyboard before this all when down but the battery was fine or a week or 2 before it went X'd out. Does this sound like it could be fixed by replacing the "Batter Connector" or a Logic Board issue? Reading the posts it sound like if the computer works then it would not be a logic board issue?

Any thoughts?



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Is the X red or black?

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The X is black

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Wouldn't it show up as an X on a different laptop if the battery was bad? I put it on a similar laptop and it starts charging just like normal and shows up in the task bar without the X.

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Here's our previous answer on this: Black x in the battery charge symbol?

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Check in sys profiler about cycle count.

Must be battery gone.

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