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Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Stuck on "Charing, please wait..."

So I recently replaced the hard drive in my iPod. And when I replaced the back it kept displaying “charging, please wait…”

Thinking I connected the battery back incorrectly, I reopened and reset the battery cable, left the back open to make sure it would work properly. After 5 minutes I get an apple logo and it goes to the default screen. So I shut the iPod down so I can replace the back, and now we're back to “charging, please wait…”

I know it's not the cable, I've tried two different ones. Why would it boot correctly, then go back to what it was doing when I reclamped the back on?

I've charge it for over 12 hours and still nothing?

I'm mostly confused it came back to life just to die when I put the back in. The battery seems connected properly. When I unplug it, it has enough charge to display a “connect to power” logo.

Any help? Thank you.

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i think youve already answered your own question to be honest.

try opening it back up again and check all the connections and take care while putting it back together. id honestly try and open it, re-seat the connectors again and try fully charging it when its disassembled. that way you can power it up completely and have it on when you plug in your cord. if it charges when its opened but not when its closed it HAS to be a connector loose.

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I have it connected and charging. It's also syncing to iTunes. I was able to format it for use with Windows. Hopefully I can get it fully charged. I just have to be super careful and mindful of the connections.

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Actually, it's the battery cable. When I go to close the iPod, if I put any pressure to close the iPod, the cable just shorts and stops. Any suggested fixes?

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Check on this site and see if they have a cable that will work. If not check out eBay or AliExpress!

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