Front Facing Camera does not work.

I recently replaced a bad front facing camera on my thunderbolt as the older one kept getting distorted images and constantly had to tap on it to get it to work. I made sure the other worked as i pulled it from another Thunderbolt (badesn) however after i replaced the camera, when ever i try to go into the front facing camera it simply closes the camera app and puts me back into the home screen. I did try getting assistance from devs in xda and so far none of their help has been able to solve this issue. I did try putting in my old camera and got the same result as well.

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At this point you should still be covered by a manufacturer's warranty, right? Have you considered sending it to HTC?

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It is technically under warranty, but this phones screen broke making the warranty void so thats why i replaced the camera myself and screen. They can also tell since they put in tiny void stickers on their screws.

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