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Hot air gun rework station

Hello guys, i just bought new hot air rework station. And i want to ask, is that air pressure or air flow affected the temperature out from nozzle? (Example : if i use low air pressure it will raise up the temperature and if i use high air pressure it will make the temperature lower.) so that’s my first question, and the second question is, which is faster (400c tmp fan 1 or 2 and 370c tmp fan 1 or 2)?? I know some components are maybe doesn’t like to receive some heat from hot air station.

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The heating element is located in the nozzle, not the base unit at least in most of the stations I’ve seen, so airflow shouldn’t effect the temperature coming out. It takes a lot of practice and it’s best to adjust it to your preference. There really isn’t a “standard” temp and airflow because it varies from both person to person and station to station.

Pick up some practice devices and start practicing. iPad Rehab has a youtube channel you can check out and they offer a repair school you can take as well.

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