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Modelo A1311 / Mediados de 2011 / Procesador Core i5 de 2.5 y 2.7 GHz o Core i7 de 2.8 GHz

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If I replace the HDD with SSD, can I also remove the Hard Drive Fan?

This question may come silly to some of you experts or more experienced guys, but here is the problem:

I use my IMac for music prod, so I need to have silence when working. I have recently cleaned my HDD fan, and now it is much better, but still after hour or so, after the power on or after the sleep mode, the fan starts to rattle gently.

My concern is if it gets very loud, I thought of two options: either to replace it or to remove it completely.

Now I am thinking about the second option, I can do that when I replace my HDD with second SSD in the future (I have already one SSD in the Optical drive bay).

Now the amater question: if I put SSD in the place of the HDD, is there a way to completely remove the HDD fan? I’ve read somewhere on this forum that SSD doesnt really need cooling.

Thanks in advance

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So lets clarify a few points:

Does a SSD run cooler than a HDD? If I have two exact same systems running at idle the HDD system will run warmer than a SSD system.

If I put the HDD under load it will also run much warmer than a SSD. But the SSD is not cool! Its still warm! And the version and size of the SSD also play into this, some SSDs run warmer than others!

So while we don’t need as as aggressive cooling we still need it within a SSD based system.

But there’s more!

Now let’s look at the generational change of systems, a 2010/11 system have three fans, a 2012 onwards systems only use one fan! So as we can see the rest of the system got cooler! As the rest of the logic got better as well.

While I understand the desire to have a quiet system in a recording studio, I think re doing this system with a SSD is not the best move, nor bypassing the HD’s fan with either a HDD or SSD.

The better answer for you Is to get a newer system which runs cooler! To start with which has a SSD in it. You don’t need the newest model if you are just starting off. I setup a few students systems for music and video production studies here where I live. Many have 2013/14 21.5” iMacs with either 500 or 1 TB blade SSD’s and have external SSDs/HDD’s for holding their work.

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Thanks for your input Dan, very precise and straight to the point as always. Much appreciated.

Just one final question: The HDD fan is producing a rattling sound, very gentle rattling sound, for now it is very quiet and I have no problem with it. Most of the time when I power on, it is comletely quiet, then it gots gentle rattling then it may go back to silence again. It also goes back to silence when I turn it back on right after sleep mode. Today it was louder at power on and now it is getting silent.

I have cleaned it few days ago, opened it and sprayed compressed air into its blades. No more dust at all. I also opened it to see inside. Everything looked perfect. So this is definitely not due to dust. Do you know what this may be due to? What kind of ware? Is this something I can fix with oiling or puting paste or anything else? If yes, how to do it properly?

thanks again,



p.s. I just turned up the RPM up with mac fans control. It produced a very very loud sound and when I turned it back to 1100 RPM, it still was loud during 1-2 minutes and just turned back directly to complete silence after one moment. Now I am back to the gentle rattling.

- de

A bearing wobble or a bent fan cowling which is being hit by the fan blade is what you likely have here.

Time to replace the fan: iMac Intel 21.5" (Late 2009-Mid 2011) Hard Drive Fan

It's a pain to get to, you'll need to lift the logic board out of the way to replace the fan.

- de

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