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Portátil de 13" que forma parte de la serie E de Dell, lanzada en 2011. El dispositivo cuenta con una batería extraíble, unidad óptica y es compatible con una variedad de estaciones de acoplamiento.

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Cannot find the service manual for Latitude E6320 anywhere

I recently acquired this 11 year old laptop off Craig’s List and it’s in fantastic condition, works well, and runs Linux Mint like a champ… however… I cannot find the official Dell service manuals for this particular model, or even series for that matter.

I fully admit that I might just be making a huge, obvious flub in how I’m searching for this, but I’ve looked on DDG, Google, and Bing and looked at everything that could have provided me some clues. Bupkis.

My goal is to install an SSD in one of the unmarked mSATA slots inside, and possibly upgrade a number of the internals. I’d also like to upgrade the display (40 pin 13.3”) but I was prepared for that to be a fight.

The only thing I’ve found is one post where one person said you can use mSATA in either the WWAN or WPAN (not marked) slot or no, you CANNOT install mSATA cards in ANY slot. There’s also a mention of installing Flash Cache cards in the E6500 series, which is very similar to the the E6320.

If anyone knows these machines or can find me the specs that I need I’ll leave you a nice thank you note and send you good vibes :)

TIA - Tyler

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Try this:

and the DELL owner’s manual see fairly extensive as even shows how to replace the display:

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I'd found both and neither are helpful. I'd like to note that I have already found and looked at whatever there is that can currently be found regarding the E6320 on Google, Bing, and DDG. I'm sorry I didn't make that clear in the OP.

When I say I can't find anything, that means that I actually did search, have searched for several days, and have found nothing. I am NOT using this forum as a lazy google.

- de

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