Stuck In dfu mode wont restore with itunes Either

So I have an IPad 5 With an IPad 4 logic board It got repaired by a technician not from apple cause we were out of warranty. It all began when I factory reset the Ipad after it completed the reset it still booted up fine then I updated Via itunes it and it would not accept the Update it also wont restore and I always get the Error 3014 Ive tried doing it manually with different ispw and Still wont work I also Tried other cables Hope someone can help me really looking for some thing to do in quarantine

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Did this work after the logic board swap?

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Can you kick it out of DFU mode by holding Home and Power until the Apple logo shows? Also, can you explain more about the “iPad 4 logic board”, because it shouldn’t be possible to swap it into an iPad 5.

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I worked after the logic board swap fine

Ive also tried kicking it out of DFU mode but It wont work

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@mronion64 I Checked the serial number of the Ipad and searched It on apples data base and found it was an Ipad 4

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@mronion64 I dont really know what happend because my dad was the one who got it repaired

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