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Información de reparación y desmontaje para el iPhone SE de segunda generación, anunciado y lanzado en abril de 2020.

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Same as iPhone 8 Display?


Just wondering if anyone knows if the new iPhone SE 2020 will have the same display as iPhone 8?

Will it work to apply an iPhone 8 Display on a iPhone SE 2020?

iPhone 5S display worked on the first SE phone since they had exact the same display and connectors.

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comparing the two phones on Apple everything in the display is the same besides the iPhone 8 screen using 3D Touch and the new SE having haptic touch, also Apples screen repair price for the iPhone 8 (UK) is £152.44 and new SE £136.44 it’s a shame but suppose it’s a cost saving measure. If anything probably will work but not sure how the above would work if swapped around, Hope this helped

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Yep! A iPhone 8 screen works perfectly when installed in a iPhone SE 2020, and vice versa. Additionally, after a screen swap, you can follow the same procedure using a iCopy to transfer the serial number from the old screen to restore TrueTone functionality just like with the iPhone 8.

So, the only parts in the iPhone SE 2020 that are NOT compatible with the iPhone 8 are:

  • the rear camera. It looks the same, and plugs in fine, but it just doesn’t work.
  • the battery. The battery in the iPhone SE 2020 is the same form-factor at the iPhone 8, but the connector is the same as the battery used in the iPhone 11.

As soon as parts are available for the iPhone SE 2020, I’m tempted to buy a logic board, battery, and camera and install them in my old iPhone 8 to make a sort of “franken-phone”.

Anyways, hope that answered your question.

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That’s actually wrong, it was reported initially that the camera is not interchangeable due to a YouTube video that came out a few weeks ago. It was actually lazy reporting because the YouTube video showed an iPhone 8 motherboard being put into an iPhone SE and then subsequently, the native cameras failed to work on the SE. But you can swap the camera module from an iPhone 8 or SE into the other and it will work. iFixit and another source have proven that an iPhone 8 camera will work in the new SE and the SE camera will work in the 8. There is still some question about if the iPhone SE sensor is truly the same as the 8, the modules are the same size so it’s assumed to be the same sensor but I don’t know if anyone outside of Apple really truly knows.

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La respuesta fue originalmente a otra pregunta.

Yes, you can replace the iPhone SE 2020 screen assembly with an iPhone 8’s.

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Thank you for your help

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Yes , also same :

front camera

charger flex

volumen flex

back camera


vibrator engine

ear speaker


all are the same

hola from Valencia Spain

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Agregar un comentario 他们是一样的模组 可以交替并正常工作在两款设备中 包括连接方式以及前置模块

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They are the same module, which can alternate and work normally in two devices, including the connection method and the front module

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The two components that are not common in the new SE are the rear camera and the battery. Apple uses an 11 battery interface on the SE

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That video doesn’t even show the swapping of camera modules, what it actually shows is putting an iPhone 8 screen on an SE phone body and putting an iPhone 8 logic board inside of an SE body and that causes the cameras on the SE not to work. But just swapping the camera module from one to the other DOES work.

iPhone SE camera in an iPhone 8:

iPhone 8 camera in an SE

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