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Whirlpool will not wash.

Whirlpool dishwasher.

Model WDT720PADM2

Serial F61344984

First cycle seems to be a rinse and water does get into the cups in the top rack. Then that’s it. Water sits below the element and element is hot and the soap door opens but no water or enough water get to the soap to dissolve pod. Dishwasher will drain and then later do another rinse. Error code is F7 E1. Nothing makes sense here. Please help

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Any development on this Kevin ? Ours is doing the same thing.

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The error code F7E1 is identified as Basket Speed Sensor Fault. This could be either a mechanical or electrical issue.

Whirlpool suggests the issue may be a locked rotor - check the basket, impeller, and motor can rotate freely.

Then, check (wire) harness connections from main control to motor and shifter. If the wires are loose, then the motor will not run.

Here is an explanation of the code and process.

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Excuse me — that is for a washer, not dishwasher.

It seems the F7E1 suggests the Heating Element does not work, which explains your confusion.

Have you replaced the heating element on the dishwasher before? It is a possibility that the wiring has been disturbed or disconnected.

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Some other Whirlpool washer owners replaced the shift actuator or the dishwasher flow meter. May be worth an inspection.

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