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Un controlador de juegos inalámbrico con Bluetooth lanzado por PowerA para Nintendo Licensing en 2018.

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My left stick is screwing up, and I want to replace it.

basically, when i input straight left, the controller decides it wants to alternate between upper left and downer left really fast. which is not good for games like smash bros or celeste. what should i get to replace it?

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I have this issue too on my PowerA wired controller.

From what I can tell, the PowerA uses similar sticks most others (just perhaps an even cheaper brand).

This article explains the issue and talks about some solutions:

iFixit: Here’s Why PS5 Joysticks Drift (and Why They’ll Only Get Worse)

I found these two videos as well:

PowerA Nintendo Switch Controller drift issues fix! – on mine I already tried this, and it seems to have done something, but not fixed it, it does drift differently now XD

PowerA Switch Controller Drifting - DEEP CLEAN – I will attempt this one later, failing that, I guess it’s (de)soldering time and buying a replacement part

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My left stick keeps turning like if it’s the right stick? It very hard to play

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