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Why is my battery health dropping fast?

I bought my iphone 11 about 45 days ago and the battery health dropped to 97% as today.Im very worried about this,is this okay?

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It's normal. No need to worry. If it dropped below 50% then it will be an issue to worry about.

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I bought my iPhone 11 four months back. The battery health currently is 98%.

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It is normal. But you can ensure proper practices to keep battery life in good standing. Here are some points:

  • Use genuine charger.
  • Do not fast charge if you do not need to.
  • Cut down on wireless charging as it may often generate heat that is not good for battery life.
  • Do not overcharge or undercharge. Just use it normally. Do not stress thinking much about it. But one idea that I read at multiple places is to charge the iPhone upto 80-85% and replug it into charging when it is around 20-25%. In short, avoid both extremes (full and zero charges)
  • If you use Personal Hotspot over Wi-Fi, game a lot, and do other intensive tasks, the battery might heat, which can degrade its life faster.

Summing up: It is normal. You keep using the phone like you do. Just make sure to keep the above points in mind to take a bit more care of the battery.

Hope it helps. :)

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Great Ankur ? Thanks for valuable information on how to keep the iPhone battery in good condition.

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That’s fairly normal. If it starts dropping down to th 92-93 range then we can take another look at it.

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Make sure you are using a Apple branded charger. If you got it from eBay make sure it is an Apple branded battery. But before you do that just use your phone if this continues do the text up above.

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The most effective factor for battery health is how you charge and which charger you use I got all answers about battery health. The wrong charging pattern and usage are the main cause and usage. I follow the process I never problem with battery health.

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