Ps4 slim won’t take in Discs

ello everyone,

My ps4 slim disk drive started acting funny .

It wouldn’t accepts disks . When I try inserting a disc , the Ps4 powers up and everything starts normal but the cd drive doesn’t react any more ! I decided to go get a new one but then I knew a friend who had the Ps4 slim as well , so I asked him if I could just put his one mine , just to know whether I really need to buy a new disc drive or it’s something else , which i did , his worked on mine . And then I tried mine on his , it worked as well . Perfect . So I decided to put my Disk drive right back on mine ! When I did . Same Problem . It powers up the machine , but doesn’t take cd in .

wish means the disc drive might not be the problem ?

Please I need your advice on what to do .

I will be really grateful if someone can help

Thank u

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