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La más grande de las computadoras portátiles MacBook Air de Apple con micrófonos duales y conectividad Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

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A1466 - WiFi not shown in network


Macbook Air A1466, WiFi is not listed in network.

Bluetooth mouse works well, but not recognized WiFi at all.

I checked WiFi module(part) in other Macbook, it works fine.

It seems logic board problem, but where can I check it firstly?

Is it related with WiFi as attached pictures, Y1915?

Block Image

Block Image

Thanks a lot in advance!

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The part you have marked Y1915 is a timing crystal running at 24 MHz. It does look like its got some corrosion damage along the left edge as well as some areas around it. This crystal is used by the CPU as its clock so loosing it would be a big problem! So you do need to clean this up and you may need a few new parts.

As far as your WiFi problem, this is not the cause. You likely need to do a bit more inspection looking for more corrosion damage.

While this might be repairable, the amount of effort maybe more than it’s worth. If this is a 1.3 GHz 4GB board I would just replace it with the 1.7 GHz with 8 GB of RAM board as being the smarter direction MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-Early 2014) 1.7 GHz Logic Board

Imagen de MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-Early 2014) 1.7 GHz Logic Board


MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2013-Early 2014) 1.7 GHz Logic Board


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Good morning HG Jung the easiest way to do this would to be to buy a USB wifi connecter they are dirt cheap and are an easier fix to that

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Thank you for the answer! But, I'd like to fix it by myself.

- de

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