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Can backlight on iPod touch 4G be fixed?

I have looked all over the web with no luck.

iPod touch backlight is not working at all. I had replaced a broken lcd/digi with a new one. I plugged everything in and turned it on w/o gluing anything down to make sure it worked. It did, so i opened it to apply adhesive. I put it together again and no back light. I tried a new lcd/digi and same result.

It's not the lcd/digi bc tried a brand new one. So what could it be? Is this fixable? I'm not concerned with the difficulty level, just the possibility.

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i am having the same result and am hoping someone can help with an answer

- de

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i have looked for days for the solution but cannot find one ither then i talked to my friend that is an xpert at this and he said that for the ipod 4th gen touch if the backlight does not work then u need to buy a new screen aparently its unfixable so sorry for the bad news

i have even bought brand new screens and tryed taking them apart and puting it back to gether but out of 20 screens only 2 i got apart without breaking it due to the super glue and what nicksmacan dpchelp is saying is for an iphone not ipod touch ipod touches dont have coils its usualy small bulb type things under the screen vary delicet and i dont even think posible to remove and replace

i hope this helped at all but pretty much thats your problem

P.S. also i read a lot online that theres somthing to do with the mainboard so i dont know about that but thats what i heard

hope it helps again

any other quetions email me at or text me at 701-595-550 next only and i dont always reseve all texts

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andrew, you are incorrect. the iPod touch uses the same coil and IC for the backlight as the iPhone 4 does. Yes there is a coil, not a 6R8 but a coil anyhow.

- de

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The backlight coil is under a shield that must be removed on the back of the board. You have to remove it with a heat gun and resolder it with heat gun. I have done many of these removing them from donor boards or buying them from cyberdoc. It only takes 5 minutes max after removing the shield on the back.

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