Display problems after battery replacement


I installed a new battery from ifixit on my Macbook Pro Retina 2012. I followed the instructions on this site.

After the battery replacement my screen didn’t work correctly anymore. When I turn the Macbook on, most of the time the screen is black. Sometimes there is a white flickering. And sometimes the flickering is only during the startup and then the screen works fine again. In rare cases the screen has no issues at all. Then everything else works fine too.

I already did a smc und nvram reset.

I also tried to put back the old battery, but that didn’t solve the problem.

Does anyone have an idea where the problem could be? Are there any other ways of (hardware-) reseting the Macbook?

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There might be a connector that isnt seated properly. I would go through the install again and make sure something didnt come lose...

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Thank you for your answer. I did that, but unfortunately no success. Something must have been damaged during my first install, although I wouldn‘t know when this happened. I already ordered a new Macbook.

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@elarmin@gmx.at ...when replacing the battery, it is imprtant to disconnect the screen connector...there may have been a blown fuse or component during your install of the new battery. youll want to start looking at the backlight circuit

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Thanks for your answer, jostewcrew. Yes, I did disconnect the screen during install. Interestingly, the screen sometimes goes on and everything works fine. So it doesn‘t look like a blown fuse. It acts more like a lose contact, although I couldn‘t find any.

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i agree with your thought....it is definitely acting like a loose solder joint, connector or possibly a bent pin. i would scope into the connectors and verify that nothing is damaged. other than this, it could be a failing component that hasnt bit the dust, but being that you just replaced parts...it is more likely attributed to this. good luck

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