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No sound from the left ear

I own a pair of JBL Tune 500bt headphones. But after using them for 5-6 months the left side stopped working. Sound only comes out from the right side only. What is the cause and the solution for this problem??

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I have a pair of one-year-old JBL 500BTs which had this exact same problem. The contacts between the board and the speaker consists of a pair of springs and over time, one or both springs may lose that contact.

Disassembly is as described by another poster, there are three screws under the foam and then the speaker can be gently twisted out of its enclosure.

Inspect whether the springs are sat at the same level and using a small set of pliers or other appropriate tool, you can gently pull the spring such that it can make contact when the speaker is seated.

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I did this and fixed my pair. Thank you

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I own a pair of JBL headphones it’s the T1 501 version and I think one side of it loose because when I try to plug it in the red light blanks doesn’t need a screw to keep it in place?

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You can try with checking connection.. remove left foam on left speaker and you will see 3 screw. i can help you with photo if you need. i upgrade a battery from 300mah to 700mAh awsome .

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