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Guías de reparación y dispositivos para el teléfono inteligente Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, modelo SM-J510FN.

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SAMSUNG J5 2017 LCD screen replacement gone bad

I replaced screen but I wanted to wait for the industrial adhesive. I turned phone once or twice and it worked, charged battery to 6% and everything seemd to work fine. I decided to turn it off. Third time i tried to turn it on and I hear vibration and some main menu sound i think (like waterdrop, like im in some menu or something). Fourth time I tried to turn phone it only vibrated with black screeen. Fift time, it even doesnt vibrate or anything, just like its completely dead. Alarm rings while phone doesnt have display.


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Unfortunately the LCD is damaged and will require a new one.

These screens are very thin and easy to break and yes it does happen to everyone too. When letting it set I do recommend LCD clamps like the one in the photo bellow to get best results.

Block Image

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