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La Dyson Ball Animal fue lanzada a principios de 2014, identificada por el número de modelo DC 65. Esta aspiradora de Dyson fue construida a partir del modelo anterior DC 41. El modelo DC 65 proporciona una mejor potencia de succión y la barra de cepillos es un 25% más potente. También es adecuada para dos superficies más.

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I can’t push my vacuum on the carpet

My vacuum can be pushed on my bedroom carpets but won’t push on living room carpet. I don’t understand. Also it’s making a loud schreaching noise.

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If your Dyson Ball Animal vacuum cleaner’s brush bar refuses to turn, see the Dyson Ball Animal Brush Bar Won’t Turn problem page for possible problems and solutions.

The screeching noise could be a bad belt. The belt attaches to the motor and spins the rotating brush head. Hard to say without make and model.

Not sure why the performance would be affected in different rooms. Is the vacuum height adjustable? Could be thicker/taller carpet in one room vs. the other.

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I just received my Dyson DC65 Animal Ball 2 vacuum last week. It works great on wood floors and low-pile rugs, but had great trouble on our thicker pile carpeting. The brush head would suck so hard that it created a seal against the floor and became impossible to move.  

After reading various solutions on line I called Dyson and they agreed to send me a new sole plate for the brush head. In the mean time I modified the original one in a simple way, by drilling a series of 1/8" holes through the sole plate, along the curved face behind the brush. This allows more air (and dirt I suppose!) into the head and the brushes still go fairly deep into the pile to pull out deeper dirt. This is precisely what I wanted, and it would be easy for Dyson to provide alternative sole plates to customers with thick pile carpeting.

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