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HELP : Flap Broken for MotherBoard cable Flex


I was reparing my Gopro Hero 4 black when I broke up the tiny white flap which connect flex battery cable with the mother board. I tried to fix it again but it was impossible.

I have a big problem right now, so I need your help¡¡. Even if I get a new one flap from a destroyed Gopro o whatever I think I wouldn`t be almost impossible to attached again because the flap housing is a bit damaged.

So, What can i do? What options do I have?

Some kind of electronic glue to stick the cable flex and the connector permanently? I am desperated because all components are already repaired and the gopro should be working nice now..

I really appreciate some kind of help¡

Please find attached some pictures of the flex and the flap¡¡

Block Image

Block Image

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Sadly, you will need to replace the motherboard. :/

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