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ASUS Chromebook C523NA is a Chromebook laptop manufactured by ASUS that was released on October 23, 2018 and is compatible with the Google Play Store2. It is the first ASUS Chromebook to feature a NanoEdge design, for a larger screen but more compact design.

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Laptop Keys Not Working

Need help with my Chromebook keys not working. Left it unattended with a kid and I assume it was dropped, but now keys aren't working. It's a very specific half of the keyboard, with the ‘broken' keys going in a diagonal pattern. How do I fix this?

(Broken keys are: q, a, z, 1, c, d, e, v, f, r, b, g, t)

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If it’s only the left half, I’m sorry my friend your computer has suffered a stroke ! Na lol seriously if it’s a few keys not working 7/10 times i would say the culprit is water damage . Try popping off the plastic and just pushing the rubber part of the key with your finger and update me .

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@sinnamon going by your description it does sound like a failed keyboard. Use an external USB keyboard and see if that will work. If so replace your keyboard Asus Chromebook C523 Repair

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