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Can a battery get bigger when you take it into a plane?

I was wondering if taking my portable speaker during a flight could have made it get bigger. When I took it to pieces, it seemed to be bigger than it should be and I was’nt capable anymore to put it back together. It’s probably another reason but it would help me to understand why my battery doesn’t work very well.

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@vegetox there is a possibility that your battery does swell. As it ages or fails the chemical reaction inside the battery creates some gases on the inside of the “pouch” (process called outgassing) which leads to it swelling. Now if you take one of those batteries into an airplane the swelling may be rapidly increased due to the difference in air pressure. Since you made it off the airplane without any issues it is now time to change the battery. Replace those batteries. Do not charge them and do not continue to use a swollen battery.

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I really thank you for your helpful answer as I better understand now why my speaker does'nt work very well. It was just a theory that I didn't think could be true. So I'll follow your advice and replace it as fast as possible.

- de

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