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Acer Spin 5 N17W2 también se identifica por el número de modelo: SP513-52N-552K. Es compatible con Windows 10 de 64 bits y 360 grados convertible con pantalla táctil

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Screen turns on and off repeatedly not allowing me to use the laptop

After a minor accident, the power button of my laptop screen got pushed in. I was unable to turn on my laptop but it was charging. So, I got it fixed from a local computer repair place. They said the switch as missing and replaced it with a Travelmate switch they had. It was sort of precariously put back in place but at least I was able to turn on and use my laptop. But after a few weeks of irregular use, the outside button started to slip in and I was unable to turn it back on. After pushing the button a little more, the laptop screen lit up with a dull black colour and went back off in 2 seconds. This is my problem right now. The screen simply keeps lighting u (dull black) and turns off repeatedly with a gap of abut 5 seconds. Unable to make it work or turn it on. Can you help me identify the problem?

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First thing i would do is see if it works into a monitor. If it does not display to a monitor then you can narrow it down to more trouble shooting. Its going to be a hardware related issue in any which way. Also try tilting the screen back and forth while it is turned on to see if its bad lcd cables when they move. If neither of those easy trouble shooting steps give you any info the next thing i would do is open it up and make sure everything is connected. Your wifi card, lcd cables run through the lcd and onto the motherboard through a wifi card. Usually a small black and white cable that is connected ontop of a square card. Next thing i would do is see if your power button is on a daughter board and not attached to the motherboard. If so just buy the part yourself. Im not sure why the repair shop would have repaired it like that. I would never at my store. It seems a little sketchy.

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