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Guías para la versión LTE del iPad Mini 2. Anunciado el 22 de octubre y lanzado el 12 de noviembre de 2013. El iPad mini 2, originalmente conocido como iPad mini con Retina Display, tiene todos los píxeles del iPad Air en una forma más pequeña de 7.9 " factor.

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Screen shows only apple logo after replacing LCD/Digitizer?

After replacing the LCD and digitizer screen, the iPad didn't seem to power on. However, it hasn't been used or charged in over a year or more. So I plugged it in and immediately saw an apple logo shown, clearly on screen. Unfortunately, the logo is the only thing that comes up and it seems to cycle from the apple logo to a dark screen and back without any prompting. The logo remains on screen for approximately 7 sec, then the screen goes dark for the same amount of time before the logo shows up again. This is while it's plugged in. The screen remains dark when unplugged.

I've taken it apart again, disconnected the battery, and checked all the connections, before putting it back together and finding the same result as before with the cycling logo and nothing else on screen.

The original damage was from someone intentionally smashing it. Which causes me to wonder if there's some internal damage that I can't see? However, all parts and components appear to be in good condition and are all in their proper places.

Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!!

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Based on your comments, my first assumption is that the battery is dead. You could try leaving it plugged in to a 2A Apple charge overnight, possibly even for a day to see if it manages to charge the battery. If it does, check the battery condition with a software tool like 3uTools or the iOS Battery Health Diagnostic (not sure if it’s available on the mini 2). If the battery is less than 80% design capacity, then it needs to be replaced.

Even if the overnight charging doesn’t work, I would still suspect the battery. The one thing you didn’t mention is wether or not the iPad worked after it was smashed but before it was left in a drawer. Yes, a hard physical impact could cause some logic board damage but regardless, the first thing to try is a new battery.

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