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Car goes into limp mode after repair and clear codes immediately

I have diagnosed my se v6 2003 Altima it read bad msg sensor and high voltage it throttle sensor system correlation b and e …. So I put a new msg sensor and new electronic throttle pedal in the vehical . I start the car and it runs right up the rpm scale for exactly 2 depressions of the gas pedal … up to 6…7000 be rpm but on the 3rd depression of the pedal it slips back into limp mode . With the same two codes that were initially read prior to replacing the faulty parts . Yes I cleared the computer . Every time it keeps repeating the seneiro. Regardless

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could get a multimeter and check the wiring harness for any tears in the wires etc. if its coming back on it’s got to either be faulty parts, faulty wiring and something else in that system is also faulty. what are the exact codes coming up?

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To @jay 22 this is Vic.... mesnowrench actually I am kinda a wrench . But mainly old school high performance stuff . Never realy got into the new go fast cars . Anyway. I went and bought another maf sensor today in the event the last one might have been faulty. Same same again

I get the following codes

P2138 throttle position sensor sw D)E voltage correlation

P1610 and P 1614 which are anti theft which I have done a bypass that works as good as a chipped key been ... Working fine for 2 years till the installed relay goes out in which the car immeidatlyy

- de

Continued from above ...

Dies but the relay is fine so I'm positive it's not those codes .

The last code would be the intake air sensor voltage high that code being P0113 . The car will start wind up a couple times then revert to limp mode . I'm begining to lean towards mabey the ecm is fdulty . I do not know where to find instructs to test that or where to take it to have it done .... Any assistance would be appreciated. .

My g mail is ...

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