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El trackpad de escritorio de segunda generación lanzado por Apple el 14 de octubre de 2015. Modelo A1535.

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What type of glass is used in a Magic Trackpad 2?

Hi everyone,

I am keen on the reusing/recycling principle so I am considering purchasing a second hand trackpad that has its glass shattered and wanted to know the type of glass I should be looking for in order to replace it. I’ve already seen that Apple does not offer spare parts for the trackpad, but I’d look elsewhere for this. I was wondering if anyone has any info about the type of glass used in a Magic Trackpad 2 as I could not find anything online.



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However, as you can see, there is nothing to be found about the glass replacement for the Magic Trackpad.
I figured there would be a lot of people like me who had this trouble waiting for a solution, so I contacted some glassmakers to make a sample and after replacing the glass myself, it worked great! I resurrected my Magic Trackpad!

If you are still looking for it. Please click through to my home page or watch the replacement video I posted. You will find the answer here [enlace de guía no válido]

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@applerepaired - All you need to do is add in the parts source to your guide!

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Good. I have submitted the changes. Thanks for the support! I hope more people who need help will see it.

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I’ve never tried taking the glass off the sensor plate, I’m not sure if you can. Apple has made many of its products in a way that makes it almost impossible to repair without leaving gashes and leaving the device structurally weak if even that!

If you can get the glass plate off I don’t think the glass is anything special.

Do us a favor! Take pics! And create a guide on what you learned Contribute

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Hi Dan,

I know, isnt’t it ‘smart’ for their pockets to make ‘unrepairable’ products??? Well, at least the EU has foreseen a new set of laws about and against planned obsolescence in order to avoid electronic waste, not sure if they are out already…

As soon as I check the damaged touchpad and it proves worth the effort, I’ll document the process and gladly share. I do fear though that it is made not to be repaired - or at least not without obvious or serious consequences…

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@ermi - I hope you are supporting the Right to Repair movement in the EU.

We're getting close here! Still the products need to be repairable which is where the EU is pushing ahead of us.

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