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Version más pequeña del iPad Pro original. Publicado el 31 de Marzo de 2016. Cuenta con una pantalla 9.7", procesador A9X y acciones de almacenamiento de 32/128/256 GB. Disponible en plata, gris espacio, oro y oro rosa.

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random crashing / rebooting

i have a ipad pro A1673 with a freezing/crashing/restarting issue. i have narrowed it down to the back of the ipad pro if i lightly tap or press any where above the apple logo close to where the logic board is it freezes and crashes. then black screen and reboots sometimes. sometimes i have to hold power and home button. there are no dents any where on the back of the ipad only dent i see is on the other side edge it was bought about a year ago off amazon as refurbished. any thoughts? could the logic board shield have been jarred loose or fell off? and anyone else had this problem?

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I doubt anything “came loose” as everything is tightly secured in an iPad Pro. Everything you say points to a logic board issue.

What is more concerning is the potential history of this device and how (and by whom) was it “refurbished”. There’s a very real possibility that this device was always going to fail at some point either due to a poor repair or that something more fundamental was going on at the logic board level. For example, the screen may have been damaged, repaired and sold as refurbished. But a series of drops over time meant that the logic board was a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at the next, slight impact or drop.

As Peter suggests, you could open up the device and inspect it for anything obvious however keep in mind that the Pro series iPads are much trickier to work with the the Air/Air 2 and their clones (iPad 5/6) and you could easily cause a lot more damage just taking it apart. Take a look at the guide first.

If it is a logic board issue, board-level repair can be considered but these are difficult devices to work on as there is very little technical information available for them.

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If you’re comfortable pulling th iPad apart, then do so. There are a number of parts inside that are connected by flat cables into ZIF sockets; these sometimes work loose. I’ve also pulled apart iPads (not this particular model) and found a ZIF socket broken after a heavy-handed screen replacement. A loose connection can signal a reboot request by mistake.

Also check the battery is plugged in properly.

Apple don’t really want people poking around inside their gadgets; it’s not designed to be easy. if you’re not comfortable doing this (see the iFixit repair guides), then get a pro to look at it (or get yourself a new one).

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