Cloning Bootcamp Partition from Old MacBook drive, in Windows

Hi there, I’ve got an issue with some macbooks attached to some proprietary control units for an ultrasound machine.

The client is a local animal hospital, and they dropped off two macbooks for us to repair.

Both are attached to a control unit for a Terrason Ultrasound machine, the software for which runs off Windows 7 running on the bootcamp partition.

One of them “Works” (I.e. Powers on) but the bootcamp partition is jacked, and all attempts at recovery have been unsuccessful.

The other, which was also the one most recently in operation, will not power on at all.

I attempted a straight hard-drive swap, but I couldn’t get it past the apple logo. the macs are different model numbers, so i’m assuming that’s the issue.

My plan is to attempt to clone the “working” bootcamp partition from the computer that won’t power on, to the hard drive of the computer that will.

The main goal is to preserve the bootcamp partition, and preserve the Terrason software that is installed. It’s not available for download, and their only other option is buying a whole new unit from Terrason, which is going to run them into 5 digits, so we’re trying to do whatever we can.

Would I be able to plug the old drive into a windows machine, clone it with acronis, and write the image to the working macbook? Or is it going to take some more doing than that?

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