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Model No. A1366 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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New Battery won't Power Device

I bought a new screen and battery to repair an iPod Nano 6th Gen. I soldered in the battery and it said no charge, so I put it on the charger and the device turned on and I left it, but when I came back and removed from the charger it dies and says it needs to charge even though it shows a full battery and it is charging when I first plug it in. I put the old battery in and no issues other than it only holds about 20 minutes worth of charge. Any ideas?

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Ended up clipping the cables a little shorter on the new battery after noticing a crimp in the cable and resoldered it in. Working now.

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Well it can be simply that its a bad battery you bought.

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My guess, a bad battery. You said it was not charged when you got it. This is an older device so who knows how long the battery you got has been sitting around for. Lithium-ion batteries don’t hold up well when they are discharged and it can actually cause damage to the battery. I would try another battery from a reputable source and see if that makes a difference.

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