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La actualización de marzo de 2015 de la pantalla Retina MacBook Pro de 13" de Apple, modelo A1502, presenta procesadores Intel Core i5 e i7 de quinta generación e introduce el trackpad Force Touch.

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MBP does not sleep with lid closed

After water damage, the MBP stays on with the lid closed. I can put it to sleep through the menu, but it will still turn on, once I close the lid. How to solve ? Thanks a lot for your thoughts!

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The location of the Hall Sensor! Click on the image is zoom it up.

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

Block Image

You’ll need to take the logic board out and carefully clean the corrosion from the logic board using 85% isopropyl alcohol and a soft toothbrush being careful not to snag the small components as you can pull them off!

follow this guide: MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2015 Logic Board Replacement

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Thanks! Could you clarify if the Hall sensor is on the actual logic board or as michael wrote on the magsafe 2 daughterboard.

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The first image above is from the logic board and the marked part is the Hall sensor.

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I’m not sure what model you have, but there are magnets located in the display panel that interact with sensors located under the top case. If there was water damage, it’s possible that it shorted out the sensor and it’s not reacting to the magnet.

If you run a paper clip along the side of the screen, you’ll find the magnet. Then closing the lid will show you where the sensor is. If it’s near where the water damage occurred, then the sensor probably needs replaced.

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Hi! Thanks for the input. It´s an early 2015 13’’ MBP. What am I looking for, if I want to replace these sensors ? Are they specific ? Do they have a particular name ? thanks

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@djesys - @sparklepimp is right on target here you likely have corrosion damage on the Hall sensor (see the image below)

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Thanks @djesys - Replacing the sensor might not necessarily fix the issue if there's corrosion on the board. I'd start with the cleaning that @danj posted. If you end up going down the replacement route, I believe the sleep sensor is located on the daughterboard for the MagSafe 2 connector.

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The Hall sensor on the 13" is on the logic board on the back side.

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