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Model A1019 / 10 or 20 GB hard drive / full-size Firewire port

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How trasfer music from my computer to iPod 1019

I need to transfer data from my Lap Top to my Ipod 2nd generation model 1019

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iExplorer is a good tool for transferring files between iOS devices and PC/Mac.


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The 2nd generation iPod does not have USB support. You do need a firewire connection to sync it. I would stay away from USB to firewire. Since you have a laptop try a PCMCIA to Firewire something like this. Good Luck

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what is a pcmcia? how it is used to transfer music from my laptop to ipod 1019?


samoam77, check this link. There are cheaper ones out there, this is just to demonstrate what it looks like.It will show an adapter from PCMCIA to firewire adapter. This is intended for a computer that does not have firewire support. You will need a firewire port to sync the iPod.


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