Problem with charging the labtop

Background information:

I have a acer spin 5 and around 1 year ago I was charging it on a table with the chargers wire on the floor my brother came running and tripped on the wire and flinged the labtop across the room I sent the labtop to be fixed at acer in Dubai and they fixed the charger outlet inside the labtop for 400dhs / 130$ … But I never sent them the charger which had been damaged ( the pin got slightly bent ) but it continued to work after they fixed the laptop and sent it back

Fast forward to today:

Whenever I put my charger into the laptop I have to push very hard into the laptop for it to start charging and whenever I release the pressure the charger goes a bit out and stops charging … I opened my laptop from the bottom and took out the back case and I plugged the charger in without the back case and now it works just fine -.- idk what is going on I dont know if the problem is from the laptops itself or the charging cable which has a slightly bent pin

Pls helppppp <33

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