MacPro retina won't start after battery change.

I replaced the battery following ifixit guide to the letter. And the Mac won’t start. No sign of life. When I plugged in the connector the charging connector led starts green, than turn red. But it stays red after that no matter how long I plugged it in.

What should I do?

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What's the reason why you decided to change battery ?

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The old one was failing.

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Well I was able to fix it. I opened the case again. Check all the connectors and found that I had placed the removable io board ribbon cable in reverse. I also reset the IO connector and the small keyboard ribbon cable near the battery connector. And be-hold power again. I'm not sure which one did it but I'm just happy it's back to functioning order. Now let see if I can get the system to reset the battery information... Glad it wasn't too serious.

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@gregae Good to hear that ! Just do an SMC reset for battery info if needed.

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